Shit where i eat at ([email protected]$29.99) Brownsensations – FullHD-1080p

Shit Where I Eat At 00000 Shit Where I Eat At 00001 Shit Where I Eat At 00002 Shit Where I Eat At 00003 Shit Where I Eat At 00004Shit Where I Eat At.ScrinList
That saying don’t shit where you eat at surely doesn’t apply to me. I did just that in this video. You can see me shitting and pissing on the kitchen island where some people prepare their foods or have dinner. I even had to make sure it was all out by fucking my ass with my toy to open me up so it can continue to pour out my ass. I shit all over the kitchen floor with a massive stream of diarrhea where most people would be making their meals at, you’ll definitely hear me farting it right out of my gassy ass. I shit on the pullout table which is usually used to eat dinner in front of the tv, nope…. That’s where i drop my huge creamy pals of shit. I even added a bonus scene with me sharting all on the toilet, that’s going to be messy to clean lol.
Name: Shit Where I Eat At.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:12:15
File size : 1.29 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

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