Spit, Shit, Socks and Smearing ([email protected] $24.99) GingerCris

Spit, Shit, Socks and Smearing 00000 Spit, Shit, Socks and Smearing 00001 Spit, Shit, Socks and Smearing 00002 Spit, Shit, Socks and Smearing 00003 Spit, Shit, Socks and Smearing 00004Spit, Shit, Socks and Smearing.ScrinList
I get a lot of requests for spit shows. I also get a lot of requests for shitty-sock shows. And I *definitely* get a ton of requests for shit-smearing shows. Do you enjoy watching innocent little girls gag and spit on their bodies and hair? Do you want to see me shit on my cute socks and cover them in shit? Does it makes your cock hard to watch me fuck my dirty ass until it’s gaping wide and then smear my butt-chocolate on my tiny ass? Nothing feels better than to stick my entire hand inside my stretched asshole and pull out that warm, sticky shit. I know that you love watching me destroy my hair by rubbing my nasty shit in it. I am sure all my classmates can smell it the next day. Do you think I’m sexy after I’m covered my tits, legs and face with my shit? Do you want to fuck me when I’m extra nasty? Or maybe you want to lick all that shit off of me like a good little shit-slave. I love licking and sucking on my shit. I wish you were here to force me to eat it. I need you to cum for me you little fucking pervert…jerk that fucking cock with my shit until you explode!
Name: Spit, Shit, Socks and Smearing.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 01:02:44
File size : 4.46 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080



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