efrolesbians – It’s Time To Talk Shit (Scatshop $12.99) Efro, Poop Videos

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Feeling pretty sexy today but oopse, I got to shit. I enter sit, pee and make sure you have a full view of my pee, then I move right onto letting go of my turds. You can see them slide out, you can see my pussy spread open white cream come to the opening. My shit is really stinky, more potent then normal and it does take a moment to collect my thoughts from this stink. I carry on, I push and strain my shit out, watch it splash in the water. I keep pushing and then begin a dialog with you. I’m pretty sure I can nail the reason you love watching me shit, I diagnose you. Crude observations are shared about my attempt to grasp your addiction to shit. I have a brief personal story the directly relates to exactly what I think your dirty little secret stems from. I continue to poo through out, grunting straining. Shocked and disturbed that your wish to be at my very most vulnerable moment. I finally finish up with a forward wiping toilet paper show, then move to side for a back wipe and then I bring you in the bowl for a close up.
Name: It’s Time To Talk Shit.mp4
Permission: HD
Duration: 00:12:14
File size : 115 MB
Resolution : 1280 @ 720



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