PastelGoddess – Enjoy Your Shit Breakfast – FullHD-1080p

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My slave is waiting in the bathroom to receive his shit breakfast. This is what he eats every morning. He is cold and scared to get used and degraded yet again, but he needs to eat to survive. In this clip, I sound so evil dehumanizing him to the lowest possible degree while emptying my full bowels all over his stupid face. I also rub my period soaked pad all over his face and scoop shit off the floor with it to rub in his mouth. He also gets a piss bath because I’m extra generous. Then I bring the camera close and verbally destroy the loser who is crying in fear and shame so pitifully before me. I make him lick his lips and swallow and tell me he is thankful for the generous meal I prepared. Then I kick and stomp on him. He is shivering and sputtering and totally breaks down in this clip. It is very extreme!
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Name: Enjoy Your Shit Breakfast.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:05:14
File size : 382 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

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