Dirty anal, shitting, and785675 smearing 00000 Dirty anal, shitting, and785675 smearing 00001 Dirty anal, shitting, and785675 smearing 00002 Dirty anal, shitting, and785675 smearing 00003Dirty anal, shitting, and785675 smearing.ScrinList
I start out sitting on my husband’s cock and sliding it into my dirty, full butt. It isn’t long before I can’t hold it anymore and I shit all over his cock and stomach. I turn around and stroke his cock with my hands full of shit as he smears it all over my breasts. We love sharing these sensual and mutually arousing experiences. No shame, no humiliation, no sub/dom, just mutual desire and the love of the dirtiest fucking you can have. This is the sensual side of scat that we have enjoyed sharing for years.
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Name: Dirty anal, shitting, and785675 smearing.mov
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Duration: 00:04:03
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