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Fart Queen Mistress Stephie Staar is not satisfied with how accepting Her slave has been of breathing and tasting Her farts (and sharts) and is getting quite impatient. She decides that the only way to break the slave and get him to completely embrace the smell and taste of Her sphincter is if his life literally depends on it. So from now on, Her ass is the only thing he will look at, talk to, worship, clean, etc. She makes the slave aggressively worship and tongue fuck Her ass, while She smothers him intermittently and explains this. This is probably the most Dominant we’ve seen Mistress Stephie. She is really abusing the slave and keeping him in a daze – his face is red and he is crying mewling, as She tortures his nipples over and over, viciously cock slaps him and even ball slaps. His screams give Her license to push his face deeper in, which She also assists by pulling him hard by his mask into Her ass.

But if Her ass is to be his entire world, then he must learn that Her ass also provides life itself – and that he must get his air directly from her sphincter gas! She announces this as Her ass descends upon his face and once it’s mercilessly pinned – with his nose actually up Her ass – She pushes out a long, slow nasty one. The slave can be heard gagging but is clearly woozy afterward, but She blasts him again as he’s begging for mercy. She apologizes as he’s crying and then puts Her asshole directly under his nose, and, of course, rips another one right into his nostrils. Amazing close-up action and a really interesting, uh, something sharty we’ll just say in the clip. We even replay it from another angle on this one. A really long, brutal and nasty, legit FART/SMOTHER/ASS WORSHIP/CBT/SLAVE TRAINING clip authored and sponsored by one of our fans!
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Name: Fart Face 7: Owned By Ass.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:17:11
File size : 1020 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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