2 FEET 453455LONG SHIT SNAKE! 00000 2 FEET 453455LONG SHIT SNAKE! 00001 2 FEET 453455LONG SHIT SNAKE! 00002
2 FEET 453455LONG SHIT SNAKE!.ScrinList

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Emptying my untouched, tight turdcutter after a girls night…
I was farting during the whole night with my besties and felt my gigantic shit filling my rectum at the whole time. When I came home I set up the camera, faced my shitchute in front of it and let go of an unreal, abnormally large 2 feet long monster snake…I almost vomited when I saw how much shit just came out of me.

Name: 2 FEET 453455LONG SHIT SNAKE!.mp4
Permission: SD
Duration: 00:00:22
File size : 1.61 MB
Resolution : 352 @ 640


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