Three friends shit each other in the mouth 00000 Three friends shit each other in the mouth 00001 Three friends shit each other in the mouth 00002 Three friends shit each other in the mouth 00003Three friends shit each other in the mouth.ScrinList
We like to play with shit and throw dirty parties . Again I invite my friends Alice and Caroline . We put white mini skirts and white tops if there were clearly visible traces of shit . Carolina got cancer leaned down, I raised her mini skirt to show you her ass and Alice took a rubber cock and entered Carolina in between her legs and started to fuck Caroline in her pussy . I like to watch girls fuck each other , having played a little with Carolina’s pussy, Alice introduced a rubber penis into Carolina’s ass . Yes already it is time to develop holes my girlfriends . After playing with Carolina’s ass, I asked Carolina to fill my mouth with shit . I opened my mouth and Carolina shot shit in my mouth and in my face . My body started to fall shit leaving traces . Carolina filled my mouth with shit and piss . Yeah I like Alice a rubber member pushes me shit deep into her mouth , then Alice and Caroline oblizyvaet rubber member who was shit . Now it’s my turn , I got cancer and my friends first introduced me a rubber cock between my legs and played a little with my pussy , after that girlfriends inserted me rubber cock in the ass , my ass loves when it enters the cock . I asked Alice to open her mouth, Alice opened her mouth , and I filled Alice’s mouth with shit and urine , mouth full of my girlfriend shit, on Alice’s white topic falling down shit leaving traces behind . Now it’s Alice’s turn, Alice got cancer I lifted her mini skirt and Carolina led Alice first rubber cock in pussy and then in the ass . One of our friends is Carolina hasn’t set her mouth yet , I told Carolina now it’s her turn Carolina opened her mouth and Alice put a lot of shit in Caroline’s mouth , Alice didn’t go to the bathroom for two days it was just gorgeous . Once Alice has filled her mouth Carolina shit I put a rubber member of Carolina in the mouth and started to shovel the shit deep into her mouth Carolina . Our mouth designed for us to use them as a toilet . We love to shit and piss in each other’s mouths . And we love it because we’re dirty girls .
Actors: ModelNatalya94
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