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Slave john has been shuttling all around New York City serving various Dominas as a human toilet. He was in Manhattan for my friend’s 8 am movement at her dungeon, and then he had to come back over the bridge to Brooklyn for my 11 am. He has even more rounds to make later. This is very convenient for the Mistresses because we don’t have to congregate. We are making this toilet travel to US on OUR schedules.

While having my movement I muse about the wonderful date I went on the night before. I had Omakase. It was so romantic and incredible! While the slave eats my waste, I tell him how amazing my meal was on my date. The sushi was so incredible! It was so good it was almost sexual and I touched my lover’s hand and looked into his eyes while we ate the sushi together because it was so mutually pleasurable. As I relay this story the slave gags and struggles to swallow.

While he chews, I tell him about the great sex I had. The food that my lover and I shared was very expensive and highest quality. I ask the toilet if my movement tastes better than usual. In response, he gags. I think out loud about what I might want for lunch. Making the toilet travel to the Domme is a fantastic idea. It gives us much more time to sit around in cafes and restaurants and indulge. The slave should be the one on the subway and the Mistresses should have time to just enjoy sex, food, and leisure.

The slave begs to orgasm and, with conditions, I allow it to cum on my toes. Post orgasm, I push a bit more waste into its mouth. The slave has to clean my toes, but there is still so much more for it to do today. We like to keep slaves busy!

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